Meet Lou Cirillo

Viewing ourselves through the essence of our spiritual identity

I’m here to assist and lend support through whatever it is that may be challenging you or causing concern at this time.


To Guide you in transforming your perception of any stressful situation to a state of peace and non-attachment.


My work is based on the foundation of knowing that we are all spiritual beings blessed with our strengths and our weaknesses, traveling upon predestined paths that lead us to self-knowing.


Paths that may lead us to sudden shocking events that cause us to pause, look inward, and reflect.

These times offer opportunities for us to see and better understand ourselves, affirm who we are, and course correct, if changes are necessary for us to be true to who we are and aspire to be.


It is important to recognize that our feelings reflect our perceptions and our perceptions are based on our beliefs.   It is understandable that when the lives we have built on the foundation of what we chose as truth are no longer supported, there can be heartbreak, anger, pain and fear.


I specialize in assisting people identify what underlying beliefs and perceptions they hold about themselves and the world around them that result in an uneasy discomfort or anxiety that one might experience from time to time.


At times, just being able to quiet and still the mind will bring clarity, and enable us to discover what underlying fear may be causing our condition.


I have been instructed as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator and have assisted many discover what self- limiting beliefs were holding them back from making the desired changes they wanted in their lives.
And replace them with Life-enhancing ones to create the life they desire.


I can offer spiritual grounding through guided meditation, and or work directly with your subconscious for those who prefer trance work as I am trained Hypnotist.


I am here to guide you to the comfort, healing, peace and understanding within yourself


To lighten Hearts and inspire others to recognize the beauty in being who they are.




Louis Cirillo
Quantum Balances


“Lou has done a wonderful job helping me shift my limiting beliefs around money, abundance, clients, growing my business, and my physical health. He is so kind hearted and cares deeply about helping his clients transform their lives on all levels. I always feel like huge shifts have taken place in my life after a PSYCH-K® session with Lou. I feel lighter, happier, and much more balanced. I highly recommend working with Lou to shift your beliefs and transform your life.”


-Jennifer P., Memphis TN