My PSYCH-K® Journey

Through PSYCH-K ®, I have been able to heal, balance and move past many self- limiting beliefs, held by my subconscious mind that have stood in my way of the fuller, more truly grounded and peaceful life that I live now.


I invite you to look into this process for yourself, and I honor the opportunity to assist you in identifying what self-limiting beliefs might be holding you back from living the life you’ve always wanted and replace them with Life enhancing ones to create that reality. We can explore areas that may be causing you stress and anxiety, be it personal situations, or physical conditions, and see what they might reflect about your current subconscious beliefs.


From a very early age I was always intrigued with the mystical, spiritual dimensions of life. I was exposed to what were at the time, fringe ideas, as to the validity of Astrology, Reincarnation, and other Meta-Physical Hermetic sciences. I knew in my heart that this life was far more than a born once, heaven or hell timeline. 


It was one of my favorite Astrologers, Pam Gregory who made mention of Bruce Lipton and the “The Biology of Belief” as a must read. That lead me to Robert Williams the Founder of Psych-K ®. I was blown away and knew immediately that this life changing process was not only something I could use for my own benefit, but something I could share with not only the ones I cared for, but with as many as possible.

How & Why PSYCH-K® works